The Elderly

The second most vulnerable group in our society are the older people in our country. With many life changing events that occur in later life, it is a time when once again the citizens of our nation need to be supported and cared for.

Debilitating mental health disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression and anxiety are all issues that can face our older population at some stage in their life. Retirement, instead of being viewed as a wonderful opportunity to slow down and enjoy life, becomes a time that is beset with uncertainty about the future. Families are faced with a path that leads to disjointed services, strain and stress placed on loved ones who are inadequately skilled in caring for the physical and psychological needs of their parents, especially if there is a dependency on family to care for them if they become unable to care for themselves.

An Taoiseach once said that Ireland is a great place in which to grow old.
Senator Freeman’s vision is that Ireland should be a great place in which to grow, regardless of age.


Protecting our children

Our nation’s children are voiceless – I will be their voice until they can speak for themselves.